Flint Candles

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Flint Candles

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Natural | Gray glass vessel |  Size: 8 oz | 50 + hours of burn time

Hand-made and poured in Los Angeles, California. Made with natural cotton wicks, perfume grade fragrances, and reusable vessels.  

Kadota Leather Ripened fig, vintage leather and cardamon
Flint Smoky campfire notes capturing elements of fired coals, river stone and dry woods
Sky Lofty, soft and fresh paired with dandelion and linen makes for a heavenly scent
Old Records Sultry, vintage and nostalgic. captures the scent your old collection in the cedar closet
Tobacco An intoxicating lush essence of green tobacco leaves and notes of neroli
Rustic Cypress Warm & woodsy blends the essence of coastal cypress trees and sultry amber resin