Bluegrass Soap

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Bluegrass Soap

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4 oz. bar. 100% re-useable cotton bag. Cold-pressed.

Made with notes of fresh cut field grass, spanish moss, and a deep, woodsy amber w/a hint of peppery spice

Inspired by the blue ridge mountains of the appalachia. A region lined with sun soaked fields of green, and cold rushing mountain streams. Designed for men who embrace a laid back lifestyle, and simple pleasures.

Gives a nod to southern upbringings, when men were self-made and bathtubs weren't just for bathing. Handcrafted. The soaps are basically “diluted versions” of the cologne (and double as cologne). The re-usable travel bag doubles as a soap holder. Try not to leave your soap to pool in water, as it'll waste away faster. Lasts about a month, on average.