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With the creation of STORM FINE APPAREL, Traci Gendron and her son, Tanner are on a mission to raise awareness for Cystinosis. 
Odds are favorable, you've never heard of a rare, incurable metabolic disease that afflicts just 500 children and young adults in the United States, with just 2,000 afflicted worldwide. Traci's son, Tanner is one of these few young adults. 
Cystinosis slowly destroys the organs in the body, including the kidneys, liver, eyes, muscles, and the brain.  With such a rare disease affecting such a small population, research money is scarce to nonexistent. Currently, there is no cure. 
Raising awareness and giving toward finding the cure for Cystinosis is the guiding force behind the creation of STORM FINE APPAREL for Traci and Tanner. Here's how you can play an extraordinary part in helping fulfill their vision: 
From products and goods sold at Storm Fine Apparel are donated to the Cystinosis Research Foundation. 
Thank you for shopping at Storm Fine Apparel. Every purchase you make helps to find a cure for Cystinosis. 


Read More about our purpose at www.cystinosisresearch.org 

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